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Derrick Reimer from SavvyCal - Highs and Lows in Business

How do you regain your confidence after launching a failed product? How can you transition from wearing all the hats in a business to delegating tasks? Why is it so important to save your most productive time for your most valuable work?

Dianna Allen - From Writing About Garage Doors to Building Two Successful Businesses

How do you start a business from your mom’s kitchen? What effect does a supportive partner have on growing a company? And how do you juggle two wildly different businesses that both need your attention?

Steph Smith - How to Choose Your Next Goal

Why did people use to talk only about “priority” in the singular? What’s a great method for choosing what goal to work on next? And does setting arbitrary deadlines to motivate yourself work?

Andrew Barry - Making Online & Offline Learning More Engaging

Why should you learn from experts as well as from people who are just a little ahead of you? How do you capture and keep people’s attention in online trainings? Where do you find the courage to quit your job and start your own business?

Matt Ragland - Bullet Journaling vs. Digital Task Management

Bullet journaling can be very effective. Digital task managers are (obviously) amazing. Which is best—or can we combine the two?

Jonathan Stark - Why Getting Good at Marketing Will Change Everything

Why is marketing NOT bullshit? What does Karl Marx have to do with how we do business? And why is hourly billing completely nuts?

Brigitte Gemme - Cooking (Vegan Food) Productively

How can you optimize your cooking and nutrition with project-management skills? What’s working in research, having a PhD, like? Why should you consider a plant-based diet?

Dave Ceddia - Seasons of Productivity

Can you be productive working in bursts? Why are iOS and macOS apps better? How can you juggle client work, app development, and teaching?

Janelle Allen - Having a Mission and Translating Your Goals into Action

How can you translate your vision into action? Why can having a mission help you push through resistance? Why shouldn’t you use a coach as your therapist?

Jesse Mecham - The Surprising Parallels Between Budgeting and Time Management

How can adding structure make you feel free? How can you proactively process your email? Why is it crucial that your money is doing what you want it to do?

Peter’s Story - Consulting, Burnout, Wantrepreneuring, and Online Business

How did Peter go from economic consulting to having a successful online business, by way of burnout?

Graham Cochrane - Focusing on Your Most Essential Work

Which tasks should you immediately eliminate? What can you do if you want to work less? And why you should think like an entrepreneur even if you work in corporate?

Corbett Barr - Digital Minimalism & Why You Need a North Star

Why do you need a “North Star” to measure your productivity by? What’s different about doing creative work (vs. cranking widgets)? Why go for digital minimalism?

Jessica Eley - Asking “Why?” 20 Times

Is setting goals necessary? Why will you always feel shitty if you don’t know WHY you want things? Why does clarity come from taking action (and not from ever-more planning)?

Marina Díaz - Loving Your Mornings and Working From Home as a Parent

How to get stuff done with a toddler around? What time of day should you do your most important work? How do you build a morning routine that works for you?

Steve Pavlina - Your Relationship with Your Work

What is your relationship with your work? How can FOMO help you complete 30-day challenges? What role does your heart play in productivity?

Francesco D’Alessio - Self-Awareness and Keeping Things Simple

Francesco and I discuss how he reaches out to influential people to collaborate with them; how he keeps productive while having a nine-month old kid; and why he is consolidating the productivity tools he uses.

Sabyasachi Sengupta - Morning Routines and Motivation

Saby and I discuss how he found the discipline to write a book in addition to working full time, what motivates him to keep showing up, what his morning routine looks like, and much more.

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