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Jack Ellis - How to Run a Company People-First

What happens when you judge employees on their work (rather than on measures like hours worked)? Why is online privacy so important? Why is running a lifestyle busines...

Floris van der Pol - Living Without a Smartphone and Reading 100 Books a Year

How can you read 100 books a year? What’s it like to live without a smartphone? What’s more important: willpower or designing your environment for productivity?

Derrick Reimer from SavvyCal - Can You Regain Your Confidence After Failing?

How do you regain your confidence after launching a failed product? How can you transition from wearing all the hats in a business to delegating tasks? Why is it so im...

Dianna Allen - From Writing About Garage Doors to Building Two Successful Businesses

How do you start a business from your mom’s kitchen? What effect does a supportive partner have on growing a company? And how do you juggle two wildly different busine...

Steph Smith - Why There Used to Be No Such Thing as “Priorities”

Why did people use to talk only about “priority” in the singular? What’s a great method for choosing what goal to work on next? And does setting arbitrary deadlines to...

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