Floris van der Pol - Living Without a Smartphone and Reading 100 Books a Year

How can you read 100 books a year? What’s it like to live without a smartphone? What’s more important: willpower or designing your environment for productivity?

Floris van der Pol is a Dutch philosopher, writer, and self-described “reading addict”. He publishes book reviews on YouTube as well as videos on reading more generally and on living without a smartphone, which he has done for years now. Floris also writes a newsletter with essays on philosophy and literature.

I met Floris in a course I was taking on YouTube—the Part-Time YouTuber Academy by Ali Abdaal, if you’re curious—in which Floris gave me fantastic feedback on some of my own YouTube videos. We got to chatting and some of his YouTube videos impressed me so much that I wanted to get him on the show.

Floris and I discuss:
  • How he reads 100 books a year
  • What it’s like to live without a smartphone
  • How he designed his life to improve his attention span
  • Getting stuff done with a baby around
  • Whether video gaming qualifies as an addiction
And much more. Enjoy the show!

Find Floris:

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