Jack Ellis - How to Run a Company People-First

Jack Ellis - How to Run a Company People-First


What happens when you judge employees on their work (rather than on measures like hours worked)? Why is online privacy so important? Why is running a lifestyle business just the best?
Jack Ellis is the co-founder of Fathom Analytics, a privacy-first Google Analytics alternative. Jack also teaches an online course on Laravel, a popular PHP framework, and hosts his own podcast, Above Board, where he discusses running an indie and bootstrapped software company.

Jack and I discuss:
  • How he runs his company people-first
  • What happens when you judge your employees on their work, rather than on other measures
  • Lightweight ways of collaborating with a small team
  • The importance of online privacy and how his company enables that
  • Why running a lifestyle business is just the best
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis
  • The big downside of working remotely—or is it even a downside?
  • Why I don’t give specific advice for people with ADHD (or other conditions)
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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  • Linear, a collaborative software development app
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