Matt Ragland - Should You Use an Analog Task Management System?

Bullet journaling can be very effective. Digital task managers are (obviously) amazing. Which is best—or can we combine the two?

Matt Ragland is a productivity teacher, like myself. He has worked for ConvertKit, an email service provider I use and love and for Podia, an online course platform, which I used to launch my business. 

These days, he helps people—and particularly makers and creators—be more productive. He does that with courses, videos on YouTube, and on his own podcast, Connect the Dots. 

Matt is really big on bullet journaling, which is quite a different experience from using digital task managers, so I was keen to chat with him about that topic.

Matt and I discuss:
  • How he combines bullet journaling with digital task management
  • How to protect your time to do high-leverage work
  • Measuring productivity by how present you are
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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