Graham Cochrane - Immediately Eliminate These Tasks

Graham Cochrane - Immediately Eliminate These Tasks


Which tasks should you immediately eliminate? What can you do if you want to work less? And why you should think like an entrepreneur even if you work in corporate?
“If you only have two hours a day and you need to get paid, is posting to Instagram Stories really gonna put money in your bank account?”

Graham Cochrane is an entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, and business coach. In 2009, after getting laid off twice in one year, he started to teach people how to record professional-sounding music from home. That business, the Recording Revolution, took off and today the Recording Revolution YouTube channel has 600,000 subscribers.

Teaching people online transformed Graham’s life. So, a few years, ago he decided to teach others how to follow his path. For this second business, Graham runs a YouTube channel as well as a podcast, The Graham Cochrane Show. I’m a big fan of Graham’s podcast and you should check that out even if you’re not super into online business—he often shares fantastic productivity techniques.

Graham and I discuss:
  • Eliminating tasks for which you can’t prove that they matter
  • What to do if you want to work less (but are worried about what might happen if you do)
  • Why you should think like an entrepreneur (even if you work in corporate)
  • Why Graham believes in time blocking and how he uses that technique
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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Graham Cochrane
Graham Cochrane
7 figure entrepreneur, TEDx and keynote speaker, bestselling author, top .5% ranked podcast host, leading voice and coach in the life-giving business movement.