Peter’s Story - From “Vacuuming Causes Stress” to Working From Tropical Islands

How did Peter go from economic consulting to having a successful online business, by way of burnout?

Today, I’m telling you my story.

Many people have asked me to share my story and to explain how I work and why I do the things the way I do. So this is a solo episode, just me telling you about my life over the past nine years.

Some topics I cover:
  • What working as an economic/litigation consultant for a top firm was like
  • How I burned out and what burnout did to me
  • The symptoms of burnout and which ones I suffered from
  • My “wantrepreneuring” journey
  • A few failed online businesses I tried to start
  • How my business finally got off the ground and now pays my bills
  • What I still struggle with today
  • How you can use my story to reflect on your own productivity
Things I mentioned:

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