Dave Ceddia - What If You Weren’t Always Productive?

Dave Ceddia - What If You Weren’t Always Productive?


Can you be productive working in bursts? Why are iOS and macOS apps better? How can you juggle client work, app development, and teaching?
“It doesn’t have to be perfect consistency. It doesn’t have to be every single day. If you intended to work out five days this week, but you only got two… you’re still exercising.”

Dave Ceddia is a user interface developer. He builds UIs with React, a Javascript library, and he also teaches people how to use React in a book and a course, both called Pure React.

Lately, Dave has been working on a new project called Recut. If you’ve ever edited video, you might have had to spend quite some time editing out silent portions of your recording. Recut automatically cuts the silence out of your videos. It’s a nifty app and you should check it out if you often edit videos.

Dave and I discuss:
  • Being productive in bursts, aka “seasons of productivity”
  • Why iOS and macOS apps tend to be higher quality than apps in other ecosystems
  • How he uses Things 3 to manage the development work for his app Recut
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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