Jonathan Stark - Getting Good at This Skill Will Change Everything

Jonathan Stark - Getting Good at This Skill Will Change Everything


Why is marketing NOT bullshit? What does Karl Marx have to do with how we do business? And why is hourly billing completely nuts?
“If you are not interested in helping your clients, then you should just stick to employment.”

Jonathan Stark is a former software developer who is on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. He is the author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts, the host of the Ditching Hourly podcast, and writes a daily newsletter on pricing for independent professionals. Jonathan has also written a number of books, offers a coaching program, and runs live group courses.

I ran into Jonathan’s writings a few years ago, when I was first learning about the world of online business. I was pursuing a business idea that didn’t end up going anywhere—more on that in the episode—but while doing research, I discovered Jonathan’s ideas about how to run a service-based business and those ideas blew my mind.

Jonathan and I discuss:
  • Why marketing isn’t bullshit
  • The role that aligned incentives play in building trust with clients
  • What Jonathan’s daily workflow is like
And much more. Oh, and Karl Marx makes an appearance. Enjoy the show!

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Jonathan Stark
Jonathan helps freelancers, consultants, and other independent professionals make more money without working more hours.