Marina Díaz - What Happens When You Start Loving Your Mornings

Marina Díaz - What Happens When You Start Loving Your Mornings


How to get stuff done with a toddler around? What time of day should you do your most important work? How do you build a morning routine that works for you?
“I’d rather be really working when I’m working and really be with my kid when I’m with my kid.”

Marina Díaz is a psychologist and online course creator. Her courses cover a variety of topics: one is a therapeutic writing course based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Another teaches how to build an effective morning routine—something we discuss in our conversation as well—and a third course is about planning your days with a bullet journal. 

On top of that, Marina runs a monthly membership that includes group coaching calls as well as a physical magazine that she produces. Phew! But that’s not all. Together with her husband, Marina runs the journaling app Perspectiva, which is designed to help you build the habit of journaling. And she does all this while being the parent of a two-year old—which we get into during the show.

Marina and I discuss:
  • Building a morning routine you love
  • How to get your important work done early in the day
  • How to be productive with a toddler around
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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