Janelle Allen - Don’t Use a Coach for This

Janelle Allen - Don’t Use a Coach for This


How can you translate your vision into action? Why can having a mission help you push through resistance? Why shouldn’t you use a coach as your therapist?
Janelle Allen helps business owners optimize their marketing strategy. For example, she recently worked with Crowdcast, a webinar platform, and if you check out Crowdcast’s website today, you’ll see that it’s so clear compared with what it used to be like.

Janelle also teaches small groups of primarily service-based business owners to create and market online courses. With a background in writing as well as in instructional design, you can see why she’s good at what she does.

Some time ago, I worked with Janelle to improve my business’s marketing funnel. She helped me to clarify my strategy and to identify gaps that I couldn’t have spotted myself. She’s full of good ideas, so I was excited when she agreed to come on to the show.

Janelle and I discuss:
  • How she translates her vision into action using the “VTO” approach, in Notion
  • The importance of having a mission for pushing through any resistance you might feel to your work
  • Why you shouldn’t use a coach as your therapist
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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