Andrew Barry - How to Make (Online & Offline) Learning Suck Less

Why should you learn from experts as well as from people who are just a little ahead of you? How do you capture and keep people’s attention in online trainings? Where do you find the courage to quit your job and start your own business?

Andrew Barry helps people teach better online. He owns and runs a training business in which he helps rapidly growing companies educate their people and their customers. Separately, he works with online course creators, helping them to create engaging cohort-based courses. Andrew also hosts his own podcast, titled “How Did You Learn That?” 

Over the past few months, Andrew kept popping up on my Twitter feed. Since I sell online courses—meaning, I teach people online—many of his insights resonated with me. I’ve been interested in how to teach and how to learn better for many years. 

I remember my “theory of knowledge” class in high school. In college, I was a teaching assistant for a variety of economics classes. I also worked in our college’s writing center, helping students to improve their papers. Today, of course, I am a productivity teacher. But aside from that, learning is how we grow and enjoy life more, so we should all be interested in how to learn better.

Andrew and I discuss:
  • Why you want to learn from experts as well as from people who are just a little ahead of you
  • How to capture and keep people’s attention in online trainings
  • How he found the courage to quit his job and start his own training business
And much more. Enjoy the show!

Find Andrew:
If you’re interested in Andrew’s “transformational online courses” program, just email him at [email protected] and include “TOC” in the email subject line.

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