Dianna Allen - From Writing About Garage Doors to Building Two Successful Businesses

How do you start a business from your mom’s kitchen? What effect does a supportive partner have on growing a company? And how do you juggle two wildly different businesses that both need your attention?

Dianna Allen is the founder of two businesses: TERRA, a lifestyle shop that focuses on scented candles and Inventora, an app that helps businesses who handmade products track their inventory.

I first heard about Dianna earlier this year—or perhaps it was last year—when my girlfriend mentioned some girl who said she was starting a candle shop and was tweeting about her journey publicly. A bunch of time passed and then recently, my girlfriend said hey, remember this girl I mentioned who started her own candle shop? I think it has really taken off. She even has a spin-off business now. So I was intrigued! I quickly found out that Dianna’s story is so inspiring and that’s why I wanted to get her on the podcast.

Dianna and I discuss:
  • How she went from writing about garage doors to starting and growing two successful businesses
  • How a combination of hard work and good time propelled her businesses forward
  • How she and her boyfriend work together and split their time between the businesses
And much more. Enjoy the show!

Find Dianna and her businesses:

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